Doing Business with Scott County

Are you interested in submitting a proposal?  Have you recently become one of Scott County's vendors?  Do you need the County's sales tax exemption information?  Find the information you need below.
  1. Bids & Proposals

    View open bids and proposals.

  2. Roads & Transportation Bids (E-Gram)

    Access current ads for bids for county highways.

  3. Vendor Welcome Packet (PDF)

    Access the welcome packet for vendors new to Scott County.

  4. Vendor Application for Direct Deposit (PDF)

    Apply for direct deposit from Scott County for services rendered.

  5. Scott County ST3 - Sales Tax Exempt

    Access the application form for filing for Sales Tax Exempt status.

  6. County Fee Schedule

    Current Fee Schedule

  7. Doing Business in Scott County

    Interested in starting or expanding your business in Scott County? Check out some of our resources and services here.

  8. Scott County: A place to live, learn, and earn

    Scott County has everything you're looking for -- just check out this issue of Livability: Scott County!

Doing Business in Scott County
Looking to start a new or expand your business in Minnesota's fastest growing county?  Scott County and its many partners may have the information and resources you're looking for.

First Stop Shop
Scott County Community Development Agency
Open To Business
Economic Gardening