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The 2015-2019 Scott County Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF) is now available for community partners and the public. The plan is a combined effort of the public health department and our many partners. The Steering Committee reviewed community input from forums held in 2011, the assessment completed in 2012 by the Scott County Health Care Systems Collaborative, and a subsequent assessment completed in 2013-2014 for the Statewide Health Improvement Plan.

The planning process identified 3 priority issues:
  • Chronic Disease Prevention: Through Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.
  • Identifying At Risk Infants and Toddlers: Healthy Development.
  • Mental Health: Healthy Communities.
A Guide to Improve the Health of Scott County
Included in the discussion of each priority is general background information, the importance to Scott County, the community perception, and an action plan composed of goals, measures, strategies, time frame, and identified partners. The plan is designed to be a living document for action and a guide for community stakeholders to improve the health of Scott County. This plan will be implemented using baseline data to monitor progress which will be reported to the Community Health Board, community partners, and the public.

Delivering What Matters
Scott County has undertaken a new and ongoing initiative we call “Delivering What Matters”. This is not a program or a project, but a re-energized focus on identifying true priorities and achieving goals that matter to our citizens, complete with outcome measures and priority-based budgeting approaches. Our hope is that you, the community, will see how the Community Health Improvement Plan supports and strengthens “Delivering What Matters."

Comments or questions about the plan can be directed to Scott County Public Health by calling 952-496-8584.
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