Natural Resources

  1. Blandings by Jeff Dankert

    Watch out for Turtle Crossings this Fall

    Did you know that turtles overwinter & reproduce in different water bodies? During the fall, they may cross roads to travel to their wintering waters. Two turtle species in Scott County lack stable populations, & road fatalities are a significant threat. Read tips to help our turtles..
  2. Sand Creek Watershed Story Map

    View the Sand Creek Watershed Story Map

    We invite you to learn how to become part of clean water solutions today using an interactive online tool called a story map. Click here to learn more..
  3. Innovative Practice - SWMO Tour 2016

    Technical Assistance & Cost Share Program Rated Highly among Participants

    The University of Minnesota surveyed 373 of Scott County's Technical Assistance & Cost Share Program participants. Click here for their conclusions..
  4. 2016 Annual Report

    2016 SWMO Annual Report Now Available

    Every year the SWMO writes an annual report/newsletter summarizing accomplished goals/projects, on-going programs, budget, and plans for the future. 2016 was a very productive, albeit wet year. Read on...

Water Management

The Natural Resources Program plans for the preservation, management, and protection of natural resources in Scott County.

There are four water management jurisdictions in the County:
County staff take an active role in administering the VRWJPO and the Scott WMO. (View a Map of Watershed Management Jurisdictions.)


Scott County is responsible for the protection of its lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater through implementation of the Scott County Water Resources Plan adopted May 2006.

Natural Resources Program

The Natural Resources Program also works closely with other County staff and program partners, including the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District to manage soil and water resources within the County including open space, wetlands, erosion control, and natural areas. Natural Resources Program staff review development plans for compliance with erosion, stormwater management and flooding ordinances of the County.