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Indoor Air Quality


Throughout the year Americans spend up to 90 percent of their day indoors, with well over half of that time being spent in the home. Unfortunately, the air inside our homes may not be as safe as we would like it to be. Recent studies have shown that the air in many homes may contain up to 10 times more toxic pollutants than is contained in typical outdoor air. These indoor air pollutants can occur naturally (such as radon), they can be released over time from products in the home (like formaldehyde), or they can be caused by activities within the home (for example: tobacco smoke, cooking smoke, or excess humidity levels which may lead to mold problems).

When the energy crisis of the 1970’s hit America, many homes were made air tight in an effort to reduce the cost of heating our homes. While this in itself did not cause today’s indoor air quality problems, it has tended to make those problems worse. The lack of airflow has reduced the amount of fresh air being supplied to the home, thus concentrating the existing indoor air pollutants. To learn more about indoor air pollutants and what can we do to reduce them, simply visit the links on the left side of this page. These links will provide information on some of the more common IAQ problems, along with some basic strategies for improving the air quality within your home!

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