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Highway Maintenance Operations


The Scott County Highway Maintenance Operations Department maintains nearly 400 miles of existing county highways. The County utilitizes a variety of maintenance methods including bituminous patching, crack sealing, seal coating, and overlaying to maximize the life of its highways.

Highway Maintenance Operations is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the County's infrastructure including highways, gravel roads, and storm sewer.  This includes snow plowing, street sweeping, road weight restrictions, sign and signal maintenance, ditch cleaning, shouldering, and much more.

Maintenance and construction workers can be very vulnerable when working on highway repairs and construction.  Please use care and patience when maneuvering around or through construction zones

The central Highway Shop Maintenance Facility is located at 600 Country Trail East in Spring Lake Township.  Maintenance staff generally work from 7a.m. to 3:30p.m.  In the event of a highway emergency, call 911.   

Highway Department Contacts

Joe Wiita, Infrastructure Operations Manager  952-496-8063


Will Elwell, Highway Maintenance Supervisor  952-496-8478

For questions regarding scheduled projects, contact Physical Development/Public Works at 952-496-8346 and press 1 for road construction updates, or visit the construction project page.  By pressing 2, you can report road maintenance issues such as potholes, stoplight problems, and dead animals


How is it determined when large scale maintenance or construction projects take place?

Each year the County Board approves a ten-year Transportation Improvement Plan, or TIP.  Highway reconstruction projects are identified in the TIP.  County staff uses a Pavement Management System to determine which streets should be reconstructed or if other maintenance such as overlays or seal coating is adequate.  To find out what county highway is scheduled for reconstruction or overlay, call Physical Development/Public Works at 952-496-8346 or view the current TIP.  Click here for maps of historical, current, and proposed plans for bituminous, concrete, crack sealing, seal coating, and micro surfacing.

Snowplow Safety Tips

  1. Yield to snowplows.  They travel slower than posted speeds.
  2. Give snowplow drivers plenty of room to do their jobs.
  3. Never drive into a snow cloud.
  4. Slow down!  Never use cruise control on wet or icy roads.
  5. Stay alert.  A snowplow weighs 17 times more than a car.  in a crash, occupants of a car are much more likely to be seriously injured.
  6. Be patient.  Follow at a safe distance.  Allow at least five car lengths between your vehicle and a snowplow.

For helpful information from MnDOT on how to keep your driveway clear of snow in winter, Click hereState Statute 160.2715 reminds us that it is unlawful to obstruct a highway by depositing snow or ice on it.

If a County snowplow damages your mailbox or other property, contact the Physical Development/Public Works Department at (952)-496-8346.  In most cases, the County will replace your mailbox if it is determined by County staff it was the result of the snowplow hitting it.  It will be replaced by the County's standard mailbox.  Click here for Mailbox Regulations

Street Sweeping Schedule

Spring sweeping of snow and ice control aggregate will begin when streets are significantly clear of snow and ice, usually late March or early April, after the risk of later snowfall has passed.  Spring sweeping is typically completed by May 15th.  Fall sweeping will commence September 15th and typically is completed by November 15th.  Areas with extensive foliage will be swept after most of the leaves have fallen.

Road Restrictions
Scott County follows MnDOT's road restriction schedule. Click here to see the full Season Load Limit Notification from MnDOT. During these times, county, city and township roads, unless posted otherwise, are limited to the axle limits as shown on this load limit map 
 (click here).  For state highway load restrictions, see the MnDOT Office of Materials and Road Research website.

Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weed Booklet 
Plant ID Database (link to non-county website)

Contact Information
County Main Number
(952) 445-7750
Physical Development
(952) 496-8346
(952) 496-8365 (FAX)
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