Scott County Jail

The Scott County Jail is a full service facility, initial occupancy occurred in December of 2005. The facility is 88,737 square feet, included are 160 cells, of which 104 are double bunked for 264 beds. The new facility has a secure tunnel that connects the Scott County Justice Center and the Jail to provide for the efficient and safe movement of prisoners to and from Court. In addition, it has a secure Courtroom within the jail itself, which is used for initial arraignments.

The Scott County Jail houses sentence and pre-trial adult male and female offenders. Juvenile delinquent offenders are housed for a very limited time.

Direct Supervision Design

The Scott County Jail incorporated a direct supervision design and operational philosophy in the new facility. Inmate program opportunities are an integral part of the direct supervision philosophy. The facility offers a full range of jail programs to adult offenders. These programs include supervised inmate work crews. Studies indicate that correctional facilities that incorporate direct supervision philosophies into their daily operation have proven to be safer for staff and inmates.

Inmate Handbook

All inmates are provided with an Inmate Handbook at the time of intake. The Inmate Handbook outlines the rules of the facility and the behavioral expectations of inmates during their incarceration. Inmates are charged a daily housing fee to cover some of the cost of their incarceration.


The Scott County Jail serves as an integral part of the criminal justice system. The mission is to enhance the safety of Scott County citizens through efficient, professional, secure and humane incarceration of criminal offenders.


We envision a professional organization that promotes positive growth for both the staff and the inmate entrusted to our care. The Scott County Jail will embrace and enhance this vision by:
  • Providing program opportunities for inmates.
  • Promoting respect, dignity, ethics, integrity, and teamwork.
  • Providing professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence.
  • Operating within Department of Corrections, legal, and constitutional standards.
  •  Promoting an offender management philosophy based on the principles of the direct supervision model.
Making a Jail Data Request
If you need a copy of jail booking records, or other records relating to incidents involving the Sheriff's Office and/or Jail, you may obtain them from the Sheriff's records staff or making the REQUEST ONLINE.