COVID-19 Response

Scott County Status Update - Updated 3/26/20 10:00 AM

Governor Tim Walz has now asked all Minnesotans to stay at home (as practical) as of Friday, March 27, effective 11:59 PM to help “slow down and buy time” to deal with the spread COVID-19. This means, essentially, that the state is asking for a broader form of social distancing to allow for more testing and better treatment to be developed, but does not require the stronger measures required by a full shelter-in-place or "lockdown" order.

Basically, the Governor commended Minnesotans for their diligent attention to social distancing practices. However, he wanted to provide more clarity for how long his order relates to social distancing will be in place, which is – at this point – April 10.  Clearly, we are in a challenging moment in our history. In times like this, with too many voices and too many opinions are too easily released without verification, we need to come together and depend on the expertise and guidance of people who are entrusted with positions of official, measured, and thoughtful authority. This is a time for unity, not discord; a time for individual responsibility to strengthen the larger community. To be certain, we are up to the task.

Since Scott County closed County buildings to the public last week, we have been preparing for a situation like this.  Based on the information in the Governor’s order, all of our efforts have been absolutely necessary.  We will continue providing our services to the public when and where we are able to use appropriate social distancing or remote transactions, and when not in conflict with the Governor’s order. We will provide information on any services that are not available through the County website and social media. Scott County’s continued dedication to the people we serve does not waver.

We urge everyone to use appropriate social distancing practices in your home and work environments to keep yourselves healthy. Regularly washing your hands with soap and water is the best personal sanitary practice, with hand sanitizer as a secondary option when soap and water are unavailable.

It’s completely understandable for uncertainty and concern to be in our lives at this moment. But Americans have weathered storms such as this in our past, and we can do this. We must do this. But, most importantly, we will do this… together. Please heed these recommendations and prepare accordingly.

Follow the Minnesota Dept. of Health Situation Update for more information.

County Buildings & Services Status - Updated 3/27/20 3:30 PM

Government Center & Justice Center  

  • Justice Center & Courts - OPEN
  • DMV Licensing Center - CLOSED
    • All DPS-DVS Offices statewide will be closed from 3/27 - 4/10. Driver’s License extensions are on the way. Click here to learn more.

Building Inspections

  • The building inspections office is currently closed to the public, but we continue to provide services.  Please visit the Building Inspections website for all details.

CareerForce Center 

  • Building CLOSED. You may call us with questions.
  • Paper applications and other forms are available outside the building for CareerForce services.  A secure 24-hour drop box is also available.

Central Shop - CLOSED

Customer Service

Courts - OPEN

DMV Licensing Center - CLOSED

Historical Society

  • The Scott County Historical Society is currently closed and events are postponed per the Minnesota Governor’s Emergency Executive Order 20-04. The health and safety of our community is our first priority, and we look forward to the opportunity when we can once again open our doors. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for local history photographs and stories. If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, email us at

Household Hazardous Waste 

  • The HHW Facility is closed until at least April 5th. We are asking residents to please safely store their wastes until we are able to accept these items again. 

Jail & Law Enforcement Center 


Mental Health Services

  • All services are being provided through Telemedicine.
  • For Mental Health Crises: 
    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM call (952) 496-8481 for crisis appointment during business hours. 
    4:30 PM - 8:00 AM call (952) 818-3702 for Scott County Crisis Response mobile services. 
  • For new services, contact (952) 496-8959. Current services should contact their case managers.
  • Visit Mental Health Services for more information.

Public Health

  • Immunization Clinic - CLOSED 
  • Walk-in Clinic (Tues/Thurs) - CLOSED
  • Mobile Clinic: If you are a mobile clinic patient and need to talk with the nurse/doctor, call (612) 618-3832 between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Mon thru Fri.

Regional Parks and Trails in Scott County

  • Parks and trails are OPEN for general access and self-guided recreation.
  • CLOSED until further notice:
    • All buildings
    • Restrooms and drinking fountains
    • Play areas, campgrounds and camper cabins, golf courses, beaches and swim ponds
  • Programs, events, reservations are canceled through May 4.
  • Visit Three Rivers Park District for further information.


  • Door to Door bus service is still operating. At this time, there is availability on the buses. 
  • We will also do pick-ups and deliveries of food and goods, if available. Visit our Smartlink/TransitLink page for more information about engaging this service. 

Our community is coming together to help people in need. Check our COVID-19 Community Resources to find resources for child care, food access, and more. Donation opportunities are also listed on this page.