Requests for Sheriff's Office Participation in Community Parades/Special Events

With social distancing restrictions in place, communities have been banding together to spread joy in the form of small neighborhood ’drive-by parades’ to help celebrate birthday parties and other special events. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office would be happy to participate in these events, as patrol schedules allow, during this time of social distancing.

If you would like to request the Sheriff’s Office participation with your neighborhood special drive-by events, please complete and submit the ONLINE REQUEST FORM. We will attempt to make every effort to attend whenever personnel are available. 

If you live within city limits, please contact your local Police Department of the city in which you live to request attendance at your event. The Sheriff’s Office only has jurisdiction over the townships of Scott County. If you are unsure, please complete the online request form and we will forward to the appropriate agency.

If you have any questions about parade requests, please contact Community Engagement Deputy Amy Lueck at 952-496-8862 or email

Squad in Community Parade