Candidate Filing Information

First, Become a Candidate

​The first official step as an individual interested in elected office is to complete the Affidavit of Candidacy and file for the office. The form must be notarized.

2022 Notice of Offices to be voted for at the State General Election

​ Learn more about filing as a candidate here. 

Filing at Scott County 

Filing hours are 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday with extended hours until 5pm on May 31st. If you wish to file in person please come to the customer service information desk and check in. We are located at 200 4th Ave W, Shakopee. If you should wish to file via drop box or mail, please ensure your affidavit is notarized, enclose the name pronunciation form and the appropriate fee.  ​​

​Information and Resources Once You're a Candidate (after you have filed)
When you file for office, you're provided with some important papers. We encourage you to review it all. It is the candidate’s (and/or the campaign’s) responsibility to understand all the laws and rules related to running for elected office. There are many other resources that candidates will likely find helpful. We encourage you to review this as well. The information is divided into sections for various elected offices.​​​​​​​​​

All Candidates should review the following:​
The Minnesota Campaign Manual is an easy to understand digest of the state laws related to campaigning.
Affidavit of Candidacy to file for elected office.
Campaign Financial Report
Campaign Financial Certification of Filing must be completed by all candidates.
MN Department of Transportation Letter
Voter Information Request Form
Map Request Form
Precinct Finder & Polling Place List Request
Affidavit of Withdrawal to remove name from ballot.
Scott County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 11: Signs
​IRS Fact Sheet

Voluntary Disclosure (Federal & State Offices Only)
Commissioner Candidates also review the following:
​Association of MN Counties "So you want to be a Commissioner"
​Association of MN Counties "County Government Structure"
​Association of MN Counties "County Budget Overview"
Scott County Commissioner District Map
County Attorney Candidates also review the following:
Association of MN Counties "County Government Structure"
​Association of MN Counties "County Budget Overview"
​For more information, log on to
County Sheriff Candidates also review the following:
​Association of MN Counties "County Government Structure"
​Association of MN Counties "County Budget Overview"
Soil and Water Supervisor Candidates also review the following:
Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District
Scott SWCD Supervisor District Boundaries​​ ​​​​

House of Representative, State Senate, Judicial Candidate-District Court and Supreme Court/Court of Appeals: 
As a candidate for election, you will be required to meet various statutory requirements and deadlines. Please review the letter below and the calendar for information about the campaign finance and disclosure deadlines and requirements. 

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board House of Representative 

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board- State Senate 

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board- Judicial Candidate- District Court 

Minnesota Campaign Finance Board- Supreme Court/Court of Appeals

Click here for State Representative and Senate maps

Also, for your information, election results can be found at:

​ Looking to see who has filed for office? Click here to be linked to the Office of the Secretary Of State Candidate Filings Page.