Duplicate Tabs (Registration) Drop Box/Mail/Email

You will need to:

• Fill out the Duplicate Sticker Application

Check our Duplicate Sticker Application Guide to ensure all necessary fields are completed 

• Put Duplicate Sticker Application in an envelope 

• Amount due: $12.50 

• Place in the drop box, mail, or email 

• It will be processed in 1-5 business days 

• We will mail your tabs to you after processing 

Payment Options: 

• Check or Money Order

•  Make it out to Scott County o Include your driver’s license number and phone number on the     check 

•  Credit/Debit Card by Phone (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)

•  Leave call back phone number in envelope / email (we will call you for your credit card number)

•  Card must be in registered owner’s name

•  Additional 2.49% service fee is applied at time of sale