Children's Mental Health

Scott County Building Mask Requirements, updated February 28, 2022

Effective February 28, Scott County will no longer require staff or customers to wear masks or face coverings within County facilities, on County properties, in County vehicles, or when conducting County business. Please note one exception: The Justice Center still requires masks or face coverings under a state Supreme Court Order.

Visitors and employees who feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask or face covering are welcome to do so and are supported in those actions. 

About the Services

Scott County Children's Mental Health provides case management services for children diagnosed with serious emotional disturbances. Case management is a service that helps children/families get connected with supports/services to meet their mental health needs.

Children’s Mental Health Case Management is child centered, family focused, and provided within the community, with the needs of the child and family dictating the types of services provided.

Apply for Services

To apply for services, a parent or professional must call Scott County Health and Human Services Intake at 952-445-7751 and request Children’s Mental Health Case Management Services.

Scott County residents are encouraged to contact Mobile Crisis Response if they or someone they care about is experiencing a mental health crisis.  More information on Scott County Crisis Response Services can be found on this user-friendly site:

Desired Outcomes

  • Better understanding of mental health issues and how they affect children and families
  • Improved ability for parents to address their children’s mental health needs
  • Reduced stress levels at home
  • Improved family relationships
  • Improved family functioning
  • Improved functioning with friends
  • Improved functioning in school
  • Improved functioning in the community
  • Reduction in aggressive behavior
  • Less incidents of self harm behavior
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Less incidents of suicidal ideation
  • Less calls to law enforcement
  • Improved mental health stability