Agricultural Homestead

Agricultural Homestead credit applies to property classified as agricultural, excluding the house, garage, and first acre. The amount of the agricultural homestead credit varies depending on the market value of the property. The maximum amount of the credit is $490 for agricultural property with a taxable market value of $260,000.


Several criteria must be met to obtain an agricultural homestead:
  • The land must meet the definition of agricultural property
  • The parcel must be a minimum of 10 acres in size
  • The owner must be a Minnesota resident
  • Neither the owner or spouse may claim another agricultural homestead in Minnesota
  • The owner or a qualifying relative must be actively farming the property
There are numerous situations where an agricultural property can receive homestead. A few of them are:
  • A qualifying relative occupies the property
  • A child of the owner or owner's spouse is actively farming the agricultural property either on their own behalf or on behalf of an authorized entity
  • Property is occupied by the owner and leased to an authorized entity

Determine Your Qualifications

Please use our flow chart (PDF) to determine if your property qualifies for the agricultural homestead classification. Then contact the assessor in your area to discuss your situation and apply for agricultural homestead.