Uses of Public Right-of-Way

The County uses its public right-of-way to construct, operate, maintain and change its highways and other transportation related infrastructure and appurtenances. 

Also, the County regulates other uses it may permit in its right-of-way.
Highway in Scott County
Additional Uses
Public utilities and quasi-public utilities (private utility companies regulated by the Public Utility Commission) by regulation are allowed to use the public right-of-way, subject to permit by the road authority, for installation, operation and maintenance of its facilities. Utilities may include water, sewer, electric, gas, telecommunications, and cable television services.

These utilities are permitted in the public right-of-way as their services provide benefits to the community. Each utility is required to maintain its facilities as well as restore county highway, drainage facilities and turf, which are damaged due to utility work within the public right-of-way.