Downloadable Forms

We have many forms available to download. These forms can be printed out, then filled out and either faxed to us or mailed to us.
  • Rider Request Form: This form is used to request a ride by a Case worker who is looking for transportation for a client. Once received we will take a look at the ride, see if we can do it and then confirm with you.
  • Customer Comments (PDF): This form is used to give your comments, whether they are positive or negative comments about SmartLink Transit or its staff.
  • Parental Transportation Release (PDF): If you have a child, who is under the age of 18, and will be riding our bus or traveling with a contract provider for a medical assistance ride, we need to have this form completed and on file in our office. This is only for children under the age of 18 and traveling without a parent/guardian.
  • Parental Transportation Release FOSTER CARE
  • W-9 Form (PDF): For tax purposes this form must be used if you are a volunteer driver for us and are paid.
  • Vehicle Non-Use (PDF): This is a form used for a non-operating vehicle for MA reimbursement rides.
  • Medical Assistance (MA) Reimbursement Form (PDF): This form is used for MA reimbursements for self-drive clients. Please make sure that the form is filled out correctly when submitting for reimbursements.
  • Provider Trip Confirmation Form (PDF): This is a MA confirmation form for the 3rd party providers that work for SmartLink Transit.
  • Volunteer Reimbursement Form (PDF): If you are a volunteer driver you will need to fill out this form for reimbursement.