Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Scott County is now under quarantine

Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirms Emerald Ash Borer in Scott County. The Emerald Ash Borer is a half-inch sized green beetle that kills ash trees. It is often spread to new locations when people transport firewood or other ash wood products that carry the larvae.

When its presence is confirmed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), a county-wide quarantine is placed upon the transport of all ash wood products. Please read the MDA News Release and related websites for more information on what the quarantine means for you.​

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Emerald Ash Borer: Photo by MDA

Could you have Emerald Ash Borer in your back yard?

This guide will walk you through some quick steps to identify if the problem bug is EAB.  It will also tell you what to do if you think you have EAB.  This guide shows pictures of insect larvae galleries in ash wood, including the EAB on the last page.

Why can't I move firewood in an EAB quarantine area?

Read this brochure to find out how pests hide in firewood and tips to prevent spreading them.  Read the MDA News Release and related web pages for more information on the quarantine.

When are Emerald Ash Borers likely to be spread?

Adult Emerald Ash Borers are likely to be spread during May to September, when they are active.  EAB are inactive during other months, but could be spread by transporting ash wood.  The below widget from the University of Minnesota shows when to expect the adult bugs flying around.  To learn tips for ash wood disposal and more, please visit the University of Minnesota EAB risk webpage

Other information can be found on the Department of Natural Resources EAB webpage.
EAB Firewood- emerges after 2 YEARS!

EAB Risk Status

EAB Gallery and Exit Holes: Photo by MDA
Emerald Ash Borer larvae overwinter in S-shaped galleries located under the bark of the tree (shown above).  In the below photo, an adult insect emerges from the classic D-shaped exit holes. (photo from MN DNR)
EAB emerging from tree (picture from MN DNR)