City Sponsored Recycling Collections

Spring Cleaning
Each spring, several cities and townships in Scott County sponsor a Recyclable Material Collection Event. These “Cleanup Days” offer residents the chance to dispose of their excess recyclable materials and yard waste. For more information on your city cleanup day, contact your local city or township directly.

Year-Round Opportunities
The Scott County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program also offers the year-round opportunity to cleanup and dispose of various problem materials from around your home. The list of items accepted for recycling/disposal is wide-ranging, and includes paint, stain, varnish, thinners, putty and adhesives, household cleaning chemicals, automotive chemicals, yard and garden chemicals, fluorescent lamps, thermostats, appliances, electronics, tires, batteries, etc. Visit our website for more information, including a list of prices and the hours of operation.