Road Construction Alerts

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April 5, 2019 9:50 AM

MnDOT project will begin in May. Expect lane closures on Hwy 13 from CR 21 and Hwy 282.

Mon, May 13 through Fall 2019 Expect lane and road closures on Hwy 13 between Eagle Creek Ave. (Co. Rd. 21) and Hwy 282.

The project is located on Hwy 13 from Hwy 19 in Cedar Lake Township to 0.3 miles south of Co Rd 21/Eagle Creek Ave. in the City of Prior Lake, Spring Lake Township and Cedar Lake Township in Scott County.

The main purpose of the project is a full depth reclamation, which involves replacing existing pavement and medians. The full depth reclamation is only in the portion of the project from County Rd. 21/Eagle Creek Ave. to south of Hwy 282. The project extends further south of Hwy 282 to Hwy 19, but only involves drainage improvements in this area.

The Hwy 13 project is being constructed in conjunction with the County Rd. 21 Improvements Project in Prior Lake. Visit that project website for more information:

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